Monday, July 28, 2008

Funny Old Photos, Part 2, The Cindy Years

Cindy is the oldest. Almost ten years older than me. She got married and moved out when I was only eight. You'd think that we wouldn't be very close because of our age difference and the fact that she left home when I was so young, but in fact, we are very close. We've even worked together for two different companies.

Mom and dad took quite a few pictures of Cindy when she was young. They must have had a camera then because there aren't very many of the rest of us when we were small. Of course, Cindy was an exceptionally beautiful child, so who could help but take a ton of pictures of her?

Here we go...

What an adorable face!

This is my favorite. I think she must be around two.

From the left: My cousin Helene, cousin Randy, cousin David, and sister Cindy

A school photo. I don't know her age, maybe 15 or 16?

Cindy with her husband, Jim, and my sister Cherry's wedding 25 years ago. I'm happy to say she no longer smokes. The wedding was in Cindy and Jim's backyard and it was beautiful!

I spoke with Cindy right before I started working on this post and I promised her that I wouldn't use the picture of her as a teenager leaning over a car with a bathing suit top on, squeezing her chest togther and trying to look like she has cleavage ;-)

I didn't promise her that I wouldn't share the story of her and my mom on the bus when she was little. Cindy was kneeling on the seat, looking out the window, and mom noticed she didn't have any underpants on!

I also remember Cindy and my sister Cherry having a mashed potato fight when they were teenagers.

All four of us are very close. We try to get together for lunch and a movie whenever possible and we always laugh and have a wonderful time. I'm lucky enough to share a house with my youngest sister and have the other two close by. In fact, Cindy is only about a mile and a half down the road from us.

I'll have to get a more recent picture to add in at a later date. I don't seem to have one on my laptop. Sorry about that...

Next will be Cherry, so stay tuned...

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