Saturday, July 26, 2008

Funny Old Photos, Part 1, The Penny Years

I've been going through a lot of old photos the past few days and found some that I thought it would be fun to share. I want to do a post for each of my sisters, since I found some great pics, but I thought I should start with myself before I embarrass each of them in turn ;-)

So, here we go!

Me at the age of two, with my sister Cherry, and my dad

Clockwise from back left, Cindy, Cherry, Melissa, and me at the age of 7

This one cracks me up. Look at those faces! My sister Cindy is the tall one in the back, then in front of her is Cherry, then my cousin Laura, beside her is Melissa, then my cousin Ricky, and behind him is me, and behind me is my Grandmother

Third grade school photo

Me with our neighbors' dog, Thimble. I think I was the only one to ever spend any time with this sweet girl. She was always chained in the yard.

Me at 22 or 23, I think

With Raeka and Sherman, December 2007

Now, to lead into my sisters, here are some of all of us. This is Mom, holding Melissa who looks to be about 2, making me 4, Cherry 9, and Cindy 13.

Oh my, look at my hair! Not to mention the scowl on my niece Judy's face. Priceless!

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I'll start with my oldest sister Cindy :)

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Angela said...

FUN Penny! I love trips down memory lane! Loved these.