Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun at the Dog Show

My friend, Kapi, and I make a point of meeting at the Vermont Scenic Cluster Dog Show every year that is held over three days at the Champlain Valley Exposition The show is only a few miles from my house, but Kapi has to drive close to two hours to get here. We see what we want at the show, which for the past two years has included watching the Rally competition, browse through the vendors, and then leave to have a nice lunch before she has to head back to Rutland. I always have a great time and love seeing all of the dogs that are on my list to someday share my life with.

This is Steven, the Peke. I usually get there ahead of Kapi so I can see the Pekes. This little guy is adorable, don't you think?

I brought my camera and got a few shots, but am amazed by some people that are there for confirmation and when you ask if they'd mind if I took a picture of their dog, they act downright put out or annoyed. Others are proud and gladly agree. Thank goodness for the friendly folks!

There were 10 dogs in a long down that were amazing (you can't see the Weimeraner that was over to the right). The owners put them in a stay then filed out of the building. The dogs never budged. I think it must have been a 5-minute stay.

I just had to get a shot of this sweet little German Shorthaired Pointer pup. Her face reminds me so much of Daisy Mae, especially when she was a puppy.

A couple of the many French Bulldogs. They are such little clowns!

Beautiful Leonbergers. I wanted to just scoop up that puppy and run :)

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Robin's Reports said...

So glad the two of you were able to get together. I love all the dog pictures.