Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome little ones

On Saturday, I drove to Penacook NH and adopted two rats. They were listed as males on Petfinder, but they turned out to be females. At least they were the same sex! They are very bonded and are so adorable together.

Eating spaghetti

They were named Spam and Hash, if you can believe it. They are now Lulu and Poppy. And they are quite the characters.

This is Lulu

And this is Poppy

New digs for the gals

I haven't had a rat since middle school, so you might as well say I'm completely new to the rat world. I'm taking it slow with them so they can learn to trust me.

Please help me in welcoming my two sweet girls.


Connordog said...

They are very cute!!!

Crowzma said...

Welcome to Lulu and Poppy. They are both beautiful. And did I mention that I love their (vastly improved) names?

Post a picture of their mansion. We need to see their digs.

Knatolee said...

Oh I just love them, and the names are wonderful!!! Love, love, love ratties. THey have got a wonderful home with you (and check out that swanky cage!)

Angela said...

Very cute little ones! Whenever I see rats I am reminded of the stories from the Secret of Nimh series (think I spelled that right). Anyone else remember it?

Lizz said...

I'm so happy that they have come to live with you. Sweet babies! Can't wait to hear more about them.