Saturday, August 30, 2008

Reverence in Vermont

I've been on vacation this week so I took my great niece and nephew letterboxing again on Monday. We've been wanting to find the box planted by the Reverence sculpture by Jim Sardonis, or "whale tails" as everyone around here calls them, off interstate I-89 in South Burlington.

Any of you that know me are aware of my love for whales. I even have two whale tattoos! They are amazing creatures and we should feel honored to share our planet with them.

The sculpture is amazing! I only wish it was in my own backyard so I could enjoy it daily.

Morgan and Noah loved the tails!

It was a beautiful day, the sky was blue and littered with clouds.

For more information on Reverence, see, or go to wikipedia and put in "Reverence" sculpture as a search.


Lizz said...

The statue is breathtaking Penny. I would love to see that in person some day!

Genny said...

Penny, I had no idea these whale tails even existed. They're beautiful. I love whales too, but I'm too chicken to get a tattoo. I'm allergic to pain in any form LOL!!