Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scrapbooking Retreat

Last weekend I went to a scrapbooking retreat in Killington Vermont at the Mountain Meadows Lodge ( and had a blast. The place is amazing. There is the lodge itself, which is a large barn, and then the farmhouse, which is where our room was. Oh, my sister, Cherry went with me and there were four other women, two that I'd met before and their family members that I just met. There were only six of us, but that just meant that we had more room to spread out (LOL)!

This is Bill, owner and cook at MML Our scrapbooking space. Note the big windows where we would often see Molly and her sheep go by.

The Lodge

The Farmhouse

When we pulled into the parking area we were met by Bill, the owner, who made us feel right at home. Then two goats and six sheep went walking by. The white, calico looking goat is Molly, and this is her herd of sheep. They follow her everywhere she goes. I didn't get the name of the little goat, but what a doll!


The little adorable one

A few of the sheep

There is also a Shetland Pony named Alex that is such a love. He wanders through the grounds and if you go outside to enjoy the beautiful grounds he his more than happy to join you for a walk and some scratches.Alex

Then there is sweet, lovely, adorable Alice. Alice is a Japanese Potbelly Pig. She also has run of the place and can most often be found over near the patio area, munching on the grass and sunbathing by the picnic tables.

I fell in love with Alice, and she seemed to like me too. She kind of grunted at some people, but not me. She came to me with her tail wagging and seemed very content to just lean on my leg and enjoy my pats, scratches, and conversation. I was actually very sad when I couldn't find her the morning I left. I didn't have a chance to say goodbye.

Alice coming to see me.

Alice and I

The Adirondack Trail goes right through the property and there's a little bench near the trail if hikers need to stop for a break. The owners of the lodge are very good to the hikers and give them a room and a meal for little of nothing.

1680 miles to Springer

The property also touches Lake Kent. It's a beautiful little lake, crystal clear, with lots of ducks that are always looking for some crumbs.

We were served marvelous meals and waited on hand and foot. It was an amazing and relaxing weekend. We are all planning on making it a tradition to meet every spring and fall there.


Knatolee said...

I'd love to have a potbelly pig. Love the animal pictures!

Angela said...

I love the animals too! What a fun weekend! Looks like a beautiful place.