Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lulu and Poppy

I hope you're not tired of hearing about my two little rat girls. They have really grown on me and I just had to share how they're coming along.

Poppy and Lulu

They are still very shy and frightened of people, but at least when I picked them up to clean their cage this week Poppy didn't squeal as if I was killing her. She also didn't struggle as hard.

Lulu sleeping with her head on Poppy's back

Lulu is the little housekeeper. Every morning she does her best to push anything dirty out of the front of the cage. She picks up, pushes, kicks, and shoves strips of newspaper and wood chips out through the bars then pats at it with both hands. So adorable.

Lulu eating a white cheddar cheese doodle

Poppy is obsessed with newspaper strips. When I put in a new handful of newspaper she gets so excited. She will run up and down the ramps for over an hour until she has all of the strips up on the top shelf in a perfect little nest for them to sleep on. I don't just put them up there because she has to place them just right.

Poppy eating her cheese doodle in a house filled with her precious newspaper

They also have a blast playing the toilet paper rolls. Last night I watched Lulu try and try to figure out a way to lift one up and fit it into the opening in their grass ball. It was hysterical!

They love trying different kinds of food. It's as much fun for me to give it to them as it is for them to receive it. They just get so excited when I put new things in there. This morning they had some Special K with strawberries and it was a huge hit.

They come over to see me the second I step into the room and listen to me talk quietly to them. I think they really just want food, but it still makes me feel good. They have the most adorable little faces, don't they?

That's us. Cute. Adorable. Funny. Amazing little rat girls.


Genny said...

Aww, Penny, your ratgirlz are adorable. They each have very distinct personalities, don't they?

Angela said...

Oh my goodness, they are VERY cute!! And the cheez doodle makes me think of the Stephanie Plum books!

Knatolee said...

They really are the sweetest pair! I'm glad they are coming along well.