Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Dogmobile

For months I've been thinking about trading in my PT Cruiser for a higher vehicle because of our nightmarishly steep driveway. I had a couple of cars in mind to check out and at the top of my list was the Honda Element and the Kia Sportage.

I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning out, vacuuming, washing my old car, trying my best to remove at least some of the layers of dog hair in the back seat. Not an easy feat, let me tell you. Raeka's hair is less than an inch long and it's like tiny needles that embedded into the upholstery. My small canister vac smelled like it was burning up, so I had to haul the upright out into the driveway, and as if it wasn't hard enough to try to stretch the hose into the car and struggle with every single little hair, it was over 90 degrees yesterday and so humid you could hardly breathe!

It was all well worth it in the end. I'm now the proud owner of a 2008 Kia Sportage, in Volcano Red! I'm thrilled with it.

Pretty cute, don't you think? The dogs haven't had a chance to ride in it yet, but soon. Sherman will be thrilled. Raeka....not so much. She hates to ride, but maybe she won't feel so claustrophobic with the lighter interior and better visibility.

Lastly, I need to share a picture of my old gal, Flower. I bought this little cat bed hoping that either she or Pheebs would like it, and sure enough, Flower loves it! Isn't she the adorable?


Laurie said...

Congratulations on the new car, Penny!


Knatolee said...

Oh, I love the colour! OUr new Mazda is bright red. :)

And FLower is indeed adorable.

Connordog said...

I love the color!!!