Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Today has been a picture perfect day. Humidity levels are down, the sun is shining even though we were supposed to have cloudy, rainy, stormy weather, and the temps are in the low 80's. Sherman and Raeka have been enjoying sunbathing in the back yard and coming in now and then for a drink then back out again. Raeka and I were even able to replace my letterbox (to learn more about letterboxing, visit out on the Colchester Causeway and she was only nervous for the first quarter of a mile of our walk. She is very nervous in new places, riding in the car, and just being around people in general, so this was a big deal for her.

My sweet little Raeka

Darling Shermie

I was also able to put the decals on my new car today. I just love my new dogmobile and can't wait until my license plate frames arrive. Then it will be truly how I've pictured it in my mind. Now I realize that Sherman doesn't look like the Peke in the decal, but that's because he just had his summer haircut yesterday. He is really suffering in the heat and humidity this year. Already, he's cooler and breathing easier, which is a relief to both of us.


Angela said...

It looks great, Penny! I love that you were able to add their names. That is awesome. And they look so happy out in the sunshine!

We got a very welcome break in the heat here this weekend, too. And our pool is finally nearing completion, so we'll be looking forward to enjoying that this summer. Tucker is not quite sure WHAT we were thinking putting a big puddle in the middle of her perfectly good, newly fenced yard area! LOL!

Connordog said...

I love your decals!!! Doug would have a fit if I put decals on the car so I had to get a personalized plate instead :)

PenDaisy said...

Decals are removable, Steph, so I have no reservations about applying them. Besides, it will be my car for at least 5 years so why not make it really mine? :))