Saturday, November 15, 2008

There's an Empty Spot on the Couch Today

We lost an incredible little cat yesterday to kidney failure. She was my sister's cat, really, but since we lived next door to each other for years before purchasing a house together three years ago, she feels as much a part of my furry family as hers.

Dear Tigger was a brown tabby with a heart of gold. She was given to my sister by my niece who felt she was too "needy". She just wanted some attention and she demanded it whenever she felt the need to be pet. She was one of those cats that when you reached down to pet her she met you half way by lifting her front end off the floor to push her head into your hand.

Tigger on the back, with Lindsey in the seat and her brother Howie on the floor. Howie and Lindsey are Manx.

Tigger was just all around perfect. She has accepted every other cat that Melissa has taken in over the years, and she treated each one in the same motherly way. Holding them down and giving baths whether they liked it or not!

Tigger had just given Lindsey a bath who was ready to leave now

Tigger was only diagnosed with CRF (chronic renal failure) a little over a week ago, but up until then, other than losing a little weight, she really didn't show any indication that she was sick. She was attacked almost a month ago by the family's Siberian Husky and suffered an abcess on her face. She recovered quickly with antibiotics, but then just never quite seemed right after. We thought that maybe she still had a bit of infection and needed a longer course of antibiotics when I brought her back for a recheck. Bloodwork revealed the ugly truth. CRF so advanced that it was only a matter of days before she would lose her battle. Sure enough, a week later, she stopped eating and drinking and just looked miserable.

She headbutted everyone she encountered at the vet's yesterday, and purred right up until her last breath. She was a special little being who will be sorely missed around here, and her spot on the back of the couch is looking mighty empty....

Just this past Monday


Lizz said...

What a lovely girl she was Penny. I know how hard it is to lose a cat to that disease. Usually by the time you find out what's wrong it's too late. Sending you virtual hugs from our house as you mourn Tigger. Gentle Journey sweet girl.

Crowzma said...

Tigger was a beautiful girl. Her kindness is evident in her expression. I'm so sorry she's gone. I hope you and Melissa find another cat to fill the empty spot on the couch soon.

Knatolee said...

What a sweet cat. How sad that she's gone. You must miss her tons!!!!