Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Brave Little Girls

Say hello to Lulu

Lulu and Poppy have been here for two and a half months and though they are still very frightened of me, they have become brave enough to venture out of their cage into the playpen that I made for them. They are very skittish, even though they've been in a number of times now, but I'm hoping with time they will learn that nothing is going to hurt them.

I put their small travel cage in the playpen as a safety zone if they wanted to go in it. They both went in and then decided to venture back out and I caught this adorable picture of them hanging off the edge.

Lulu's primary mission when she's in the playpen is to find a way to jump out. If there is anything in there for her to stand on, she backs up to get a running start and I have to stop her from jumping, the little stinker! I need to make something higher so she can run around longer without me worrying about her escaping.
Hey, Poppy, do you see any way out?

I don't see any openings over here, Lulu.

A few weeks ago, I bought them a soft, cuddly bird bed that is lined with fluffy pink material. Lulu was the first to try to get into it, but her butt was too big. I had to take it out and enlarge the hole so she could fit. The first night it was in there the girls "modified" it to include a large hole in the back corner and removed some fluff to get it just right. Now it's their favorite sleeping place and there's always one or the other in it. I really need to pick up a few more because it won't be long before it has to be replaced. They have a beautiful hammock in the cage too, but Lulu has only been in it once and Poppy will only get in it if I put treats in it, and that's only long enough to grab and run! LOL!

Lulu in the bed before renovations

Poppy after renovations have started

Sweet little Poppy

Adorable little Lulu, who bit me right before I took this photo!


Lizz said...

They are just so precious! I hope that they will feel more trusting soon. LOVE the pink bird bed!!!

Knatolee said...

Aw, such lucky, sweet little ratties! THey look pretty darn happy.