Sunday, October 4, 2009

Plant Identification?

We have two mystery plants growing in our yard this year that we've never had before. The first one is growing in the dirt by the gutter and by the cinder blocks about 8 feet way, but no place else in the yard at all. There are clusters of berries that start out green and turn a deep purple. Any idea what it is? Is it or the berries poisonous? Raeka likes to eat the grass around this plant, so if it's not safe, I'm going to yank it up!

The second one is growing all around the shed. Never did before this year. It's really pretty actually, and sort of delicately bushy.

I have no idea why all of a sudden we have these two new additions to the yard. Maybe all the rain we had early in the summer that lasted a month!


Robin's Reports said...

I wish I could help you Penny with the plant ID, but I'm not familiar with those two. However, I popped in to say that my neighbor and I were having a similar conversation last weekend about some weeds that took up in our front yards. I do believe the flooding rains of T.S. Faye brought seeding into our yard that are new. Hurricanes can do the same but I'm pretty certain the flooding did it this time.

Try googling them. I do that a lot of times.

Genny said...

I think the one with the black berries is pokeweed. Can't wait to meet you!