Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Babies

Let me introduce you to Pnigel and Simon. My new babies. They were seven weeks and one day old when I drove to Woodsville NH to pick them up on Sunday.

Pnigel is creme colored with a white belly. He is a little wild man! He's also very friendly and curious about everything. I came close to calling him Spidey for Spiderman for the way he jumps onto the bars and runs along sideways.

Pnigel had a bit of mycoplasma when he arrived but his eyes and nose have since cleared up since getting him out of the pine bedding they were in and starting them on grapefruit seed extract in their water.

Simon is more reserved, but has started to come to see me when I open the cage door instead of hiding in the corner.

Isn't he just huggably, squeezably adorable?

I put a hammock in their cage and it only took them minutes to figure out what it was for. They sleep in it all the time. They have yet to discover that there is a pocket for them to climb into. I'm sure it's only a matter of time.


Laurie said...

They are adorable! Laurie

Genny said...

Penny, these two little ratty babies are the sweetest and cutest things I've ever seen.