Thursday, January 8, 2009

A few silly pics of my furkids

Sherman was sleeping and his normally floppy ear was standing straight up like a French Bulldog! The camera woke him up.
He recently injured his back and after a few days of medication, I was happy to find him sleeping in his favorite position again. He seems to have a strange bed partner, doesn't he?

Darling little Lulu has decided that the huge amount of money I've spent on store-bought hammocks was completely wasted. She finally decided that she liked my little makeshift fleece hammock that is crudely cut and simply tied to the bars.

Raeka, pretending that she doesn't see the evil camera that may reach out and grab her or something. She just hates the camera!

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Drusilla Kehl said...

All your furkids are lovely. I hope your doggie with the injured back is healing well, and your rattie seems very content with her hammock. Have a good weekend and stay warm. I'm on Blogspot too if you want to check it out: