Saturday, May 31, 2008

Backyard Heaven

The dogs have been in heaven now that warm weather is slowly creeping in and they are able to spend more time out in the backyard. We love our backyard. It has just enough shade and just enough sun at any time of the day.

Raeka rolling in the grass

Sherman prefers to stand at the gate at the top of the driveway and watch over the neighborhood for any potential danger. I say he's surveying his kingdom ;) He will often start growling and barking as people walk by and cause Raeka to join in.

Sherman sitting by the gate

Sherman and Raeka watching over the neighborhood

Raeka prefers to be out in the yard with me. She will lay down near me whether I'm gardening or reading, and chew on a stick or just enjoy the sunshine. She's definitely a little island girl. She loves the heat. She also adores chasing a tennis ball, but is frightened of frisbees. Well, she played with a little ring we had for awhile, but that has since turned up missing and she won't even try to pick up a regular one.

Raeka and the ring, which is flipped up around her neck

Now and then, Sherman and Raeka will even have a game a chase!

The corner of the yard you see in the following photo is where I chose to start a memorial garden. I've taken a few pictures but most of the plants have a ways to go before their flowers bloom, so I'll post them at a later date.

Enjoy the summer, everyone. I know that we will.

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