Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Pictures From Long Ago

We never really knew too much about my dad's (Bolton) side of the family. He never talked much about his family. His mom, Angeline "Duell" died when he was only nine, and his brother left home when he was still young, so it was only his sister, my Aunt Betty, that I ever met. My dad's father, Roy Bolton, died before I was born.

Recently my sisters and I have reconnected with my cousin Anna (Aunt Betty's daughter) and she, like me, is very interested in the Bolton family tree and she was actually able to connect with my Great Aunt Rose (Angeline's sister) many years ago, and A. Rose gave her some pictures that Anna has now shared with us.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see what my Grandma Angeline looked like! And my Grandpa Roy, and Great Grandpa Zeb Duell, and Great Grandma Anna Bolton. Here are a few that I'd like to share....

This one is my favorite. That's my dad, Richard Bolton, on the left, then my Aunt Betty in the center and Uncle Sonny on the right

This is Grandma Angeline when she was young, by their house is Shelburne Vermont. Now I know where my dad got his nose!

Angeline and her sister Rose. This was taken in 1926, a year before my dad was born.

Grandma Angeline holding A. Betty, Grandpa Roy holding my dad, and U. Sonny standing

Angeline's dad, my great grandpa Zeb after his wife Agnes died. Standing in the back is Louise, and on his lap is Priscilla and Louis. What a handsome man Zeb was.

Grandpa Roy's mom, Anna Tracy Bolton